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Storing our Cakes

The one question I get asked the most from our customers is – can your cakes be frozen?

The simple answer is… yes!

However now that the weather is getting warmer, I thought I’d go into a bit more detail...

Our cakes are made using ingredients you would find in your kitchen. We don’t add any preservatives to them so they have a short shelf-life. We make to order so you get them when they are as fresh as possible but that means they usually have about 7 days left on their shelf-life. Bear in mind that our date is a ‘Best Before’ and not a ‘Use By’ so they won’t necessarily be harmful, but they won’t taste as good after this date.

If you want to save the cake for later or (shock horror) can’t eat it all at once the cakes can be frozen – in their packaging or in freezer bags. I wouldn’t recommend freezing them for more than a month though. I have some customers that will cut their cake into portions and freeze each portion individually so it’s quick and easy to defrost when they feel like a slice of cake.

Our slices can be frozen, some of our customers do, but I find they go a bit soggy – I’m probably being fussy though so it’s up to you!

After you’ve bought your cake store it in a cool, dry place but if it’s very hot and you’re concerned it is ok to store your cake in the fridge.

Just make sure you bring it back up to room temperature before you eat it, or you might think it’s gone stale.



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