Our Cakes

Yes we offer gluten free options and have a whole collection of products here

Yes we offer vegan options and have a whole collection of vegan products here

If you aren't buying our products online or from our bakehouse door in Frampton, you can find us in a range of retail outlets, service stations and farm shops across the UK. You can see our stockists here

Delivery & pick up

You can read about our delivery rates here

We will do our best but we cannot guarantee delivery on a specific day – Royal Mail and couriers are out of our control, unfortunately.  It is safer to order earlier than you need it as all of our products are made to order and will arrive with at least 5 day’s shelf life (usually longer) on them.

Yes, you can use the calendar at the checkout to schedule your time and pick up day.

Storage of products

No, they don’t need to be refrigerated and should still be tasty until their Best Before Date.  If the weather is particularly warm or if you prefer to keep them in the refrigerator it’s best to leave them to come up to room temperature before you eat them or they may seem dry or stale.

Yes, most of our products can be frozen with little or no impact on their quality. 

Those products that we are confident about state they can be frozen on the tag.  Others can be frozen but their texture may be affected.

he Best Before Date we put on our cakes is exactly that – an indication of when they need to be eaten to be best enjoyed.  They can be eaten after their Best Before Date but the texture may be affected and the flavour might not be as good.

Consuming our products after their Best Before Date is at your own risk though as we cannot control how they are stored or handled once they leave the bakery. 

Please do not eat our products if there is any mould visible on them or if they have an unpleasant smell.